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Auto Repair Phoenix: AC Repair & Radiator Replace

Phoenix car reapir

Temperatures in Phoenix can reach 120 degrees during the hottest month of summer.

But that’s not all we need to worry about because a new heat record was set in Phoenix that measured the averaging temp 95.1 degrees from June to August.

These extreme temperatures can cause cars with already old and worn parts to be at high risk for breaking down during the worst time possible.

3 months of very hot driving!

Let’s dig in and look at the top 2 auto repairs we see at Homer’s Christian Auto Care from June through August…

Auto AC Repair Phoenix

When was the last time you had your auto AC checked?

Most drivers never think about their air conditioning until it start blowing warm air… Continue reading

Special Used Car Checklist for Phoenix Drivers

Phoenix Auto Repair Shop

Buying a used car in Phoenix requires a close inspection! Why? Because of all the bad roads and the high temperatures. These extremes cause abnormal wear and tear on most cars. Remember, Phoenix is in the desert and this can lead to higher than normal auto repairs.

Here’s a checklist that goes slightly deeper than making sure your next car has a good stereo.

And one more thing, don’t forget to take a notebook and something to write with so you can take notes.

Pre Test-Drive Inspection

This used car checklist will help make sure your next car is relatively problem free…

  • Exterior inspection of the car
  • Engine compartment inspection
  • Interior inspection of the car
  • Looking for damage in the trunk… Continue reading

Auto AC Repair (Phoenix Trusted Mechanic)

Phoenix Auto Repair Shop

Auto AC Repair Phoenix – Stuck In Traffic

How to survive the Phoenix heat in traffic requires a cold car AC.

Get auto air conditioning repair by a trusted mechanic.

When the temperature gets in the nineties it’s time to turn on your car AC…

…but learning it blows hot air when you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic is not when you want to find out your air conditioner needs to be charged or repaired.

Auto AC Repair Phoenix, Arizona

Cars that are 3 – 4 years old can lose R134A (Freon) through worn seals and parts and unfortunately you won’t know this until it’s too late.

Getting your AC checked by a trusted mechanic in Phoenix is important because you don’t want to… Continue reading

Service Engine Soon Light Could Mean Poor Mileage

Phoenix Auto Repair ShopNot all check engine lights are the same!

Some, such as the “service engine soon light,” could mean it’s time for routine maintenance…

…and it could also mean your car’s gas mileage is being affected.

Even one or two additional miles per gallon adds up over time.

That could total 12 – 24 more miles you can drive per tank of gas (or a saving of $3 or more per fill up).

Most cars require multiple scheduled maintenance services which are hard coded in the car’s computer system to turn on the service engine soon light when they are due…

…and are document in the vehicles owners manual.

My service engine soon light turned on but my car feels fine,… Continue reading

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